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Your High Pressure Cleaning Performance Partner

ThoroughClean’s quality is not expensive…… it is priceless!!

Commercial Pressure Washers Australia

Whether your high pressure cleaner is losing pressure, the water supply is not enough or it’s broken down, don’t just replace it with the same or similar machine.
A reliable, consistently performing machine makes a huge difference to the performance of your productive assets, your team and your own performance. Choose ThoroughClean for high pressure cleaners in Australia.

High Performance

Our high pressure cleaners are robust, powerful, reliable and built to meet your purpose so that you can clean anything from fixed plant to mobile plant in one go, completely safe and consistently.

High Productivity

Investing in the right machine guarantees minimum out-of-service time and better quality clean, which leads to higher quality maintenance and appearance of your productive assets.

High Profitability

The TC Pressure Cleaner will save you money and make you money – its life time performance could replace up to 4 (or 3)alternative cleaners saving you valuable space and cost whilst increasing the productive time of your people and your assets

Your High Pressure Cleaning
Performance Partner


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ThoroughClean High Pressure Cleaners Australia

ThoroughClean High Pressure Cleaners Australia:

Our Pressure Cleaners High Performance at a glance:

  • Ideal combination of Flow verses Pressure to suit your application – increased efficiencies
  • Machine matched to suit your duty cycle – (Hours per day/ week usage)
  • Built to be maintenance friendly with easy – access to main componentry and high wear items
  • “Whole of life cost” – ThoroughClean machines are an asset, not a consumable = you will replace 2-3 competitor machines in the life of one ThoroughClean machine
  • Robust – The most durable machine on the market today and are happy to be challenged on this fact!
  • Cost reduction over machine life (Expected to be 10 years):

ThoroughClean High Pressure Washer Cost Reduction:

  • Direct –
  • Scheduled maintenance intervals
  • Calculated service fees with no hidden surprises
  • High wear and tear items identified with recommended stock on hand to eliminate productivity loss because of a $10 part.
  • Calculated reduction in ongoing unplanned maintenance costs
  • Indirect –
  • Consistent performance delivers quicker more effective cleaning time.
  • Clean equipment increases fault detection during maintenance.
  • Clean equipment increases maintenance productivity.
  • Increased maintenance productivity and fault detection has direct effect to asset production and business profitability

Meeting Your Expectations

Pressure Cleaning Machines built to your specific requirements and expectation. Invest well and get the results you ask for!!

Asset or Consumable

Designed and manufactured to be long term assets not short term consumables.

Actions not Words

No sales spiels, just good questions too assess your need and informed action to deliver on our promise.


We look at your application, listen listen to your requirements, learn from your previous experience to deliver what you want.

Performance Partners

Your investment with us ensures our commitment to delivering greater Performance, Productivity and Profitability.

Predictive not Preventative

Together we can predict maintenance outcomes, instead of trying to prevent the unbudgeted high maintenance costs.

ThoroughClean’s Quality is not Expensive…………….It’s Priceless