Using a high pressure washer in the rain

ing High Pressure Washers in the Rain

High Pressure Washer

High pressure washing in the rain is a hotly debated topic among our customers. So can you use a high pressure washer on a rainy day? In a word, yes. There are some safety precautions you should take; but first, here are some of the benefits of high pressure washing in light to medium rain:

  • The moisture allows detergents to sit on surfaces outside without drying out.
  • Overcast skies reduce glare from the water and thus make it easier to see which areas are getting cleaned.

Rain keeps detergents from drying while high pressure washing

Rain keeps the drying time manageable for high pressure washing.

On a 35oC day, if you pour a bucket of water on your driveway, it’s going to evaporate quite quickly. On a cloudy day, this water is going to take a much longer time to evaporate.

This is exactly what happens when high pressure washing on a sunny day. The water evaporates, leaving the detergent to form sediment and making the whole process somewhat counter-productive.

Although with the right high pressure cleaner you can still get the job done right, an overcast sky makes the job a whole lot easier! The extra time to dry prevents the detergent forming soap circles that would otherwise require an extra rinse.

Rain helps visibility for high pressure washing

Most experienced high pressure washers prefer to work on overcast days.

Have you ever been in the car when the sun glares directly through your window? This glare severely impedes your vision. The same thing can happen when you’re high pressure washing. Most experienced high pressure washers prefer to work on overcast days because this reduces the glare from the water.

How weather impacts high pressure washing

As you’ve learned, light to medium rain can be helpful for high pressure washing, but what about other weather conditions? Some weather conditions do require that you reschedule your cleaning:

  • Heavy or torrential rain
  • Lightning or Thunder
  • Other extremes (hail, snow, etc.)

High Pressure Washer Safety in Rain

ThoroughClean takes high pressure washer safety seriously. Firstly, any electrical equipment should be stored in a safe dry place like in a vehicle or building. Secondly, training is required to safely use a high pressure washer. You can Get your high pressure washer training here! For more information and advice, please contact us!

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