How ThoroughClean helped TPCM clean more earth moving machines

When it comes to choosing reliable high-pressure water cleaners, Darren Waters of The Pilbara Clean Machines (TPCM) opts for ThoroughClean.

Darren’s introduction to ThoroughClean machines began eight years ago when he bought his first hot water high-pressure machine for his business from our Perth distributor Jasman Enterprises. He was so impressed with it that he now has eight different pressure cleaners from the ThoroughClean range!

“Our company TPCM offers a professional cleaning services for mining and other types of earth-moving equipment, so we need robust, reliable cleaning machinery that will keep working year in, year out. We’ve used other cleaning systems in the past, but ThoroughClean’s are just so uncomplicated to use and maintain” he said.



Ease and Reliability

“We often work up to 1200 kilometres away from our base,” he added, “so we need to use equipment that we can count on”

“With ThoroughClean water blasters, if something does go wrong it can be easily fixed by the guys in the field. They can get it going again quickly with standard off-the-shelf spares from Perth Distributor Jasman Enterprises. It’s a great benefit that the control systems on their high-pressure cleaners run on 12 volts, instead of 240 volts like many others.

“Sometimes our team can be working on mining equipment that’s worth sixteen-million dollars, so there’s no room for down time. We need to be able to perform EVERY time for our clients”


High-pressure cleaners to withstand the toughest conditions

“When you work in extremely harsh conditions of up to 50˚C, you need a water blaster that can keep performing.”

“ThoroughClean’s high-pressure machines are certainly up to the job. I’ve been impressed at the way they’ve stood the test of time.”


Impressive service and customer support

Darren continued, “Personally, I haven’t found anything better than the ThoroughClean water blasters – and the service and customer support has been brilliant from Paul and the team at Jasman Enterprises and ThoroughClean as the manufacturer.

“They are extremely receptive to customer feedback. We’ve given them a lot of information about the products that we’ve been using for years and they’ve really taken it on board. And if we ever have an issue they get straight onto it.

“I’d recommend them to anyone.”

When you have destroyed all other water blasters…

You need a ThoroughClean!

When you’re tired of wasting time, sacrificing productivity due to ‘down-time’, and spending money on servicing costs for your water blaster — it’s time to call ThoroughClean.


Over engineered — on purpose.

We manufacture each high-pressure cleaner in accordance with our brand promise of ‘over-engineered — on purpose’ so you’re assured of exceptional cleaning power AND unsurpassed durability.

This means that every ThoroughClean high-pressure cleaner is built from only the highest quality parts — many of them over-rated to ensure reliability and longevity.


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