Guide to Choosing the Right High Pressure Water Cleaner

High pressure water cleaners and water blasters are used in everything from degreasing machinery on a mine site, to cleaning the roof of a building. It is imperative to find a pressure cleaner with the right specifications to get the results needed on your job.

In high pressure water cleaners and water blasters.  The pressure works for loosening the substance to be cleaned off, while flow is used for washing it away.

At first glance, it might seem that more pressure used, the more effective the cleaner, when in fact some applications require minimal pressure but high flow.

Then there are applications that need high pressure for loosening off the substance and high flow for removing it.Water temperature and the cleaner’s ability to take chemicals are also important considerations when choosing your water blaster.

1.    Pressure

In a high pressure water cleaner or water blaster, pressure is measured in pounds per square inch (psi). Whether using a mine spec pressure cleaner, industrial pressure washer, or rental spec pressure cleaner, you need a pressure level that’s high, without being high enough to cause damage.

High pressure water cleaners3,000 psi is a good general cleaning pressure, like on this Honda galvanised water blaster, whereas a much higher pressure is required for removing sticky or greasy substances.

For instance, if you’re removing bubble-gum from a concrete floor.  You can have as much flow as you want, but the substance won’t budge until a pressure of around 4,000 psi is applied. This Kohler super duty mine spec pressure cleaner is a good example of a water blaster with high pressure.

Once a water blaster’s pressure gets above 4,000 psi, it goes into stripping rather than cleaning. This is particularly useful for applications like stripping paint or removing ‘greeblies’ from boat hulls.

Some high pressure water cleaners or water blasters can operate at pressures of up to 7,000 psi, however highly rated hoses and fitting are needed for working with these pressures safely.

2. Flow

A water blaster’s flow is measured in litres per minute (LPM). There is a wide range of flow levels available for industrial pressure cleaners, mine spec pressure cleaners and rental spec pressure cleaners.

A flow rate of 18LPM is best for most general applications, but a higher flow rate is required when there is a large volume of substance to clean off, like washing large amounts of mud out of a truck.

One example of a pressure cleaner with a high flow rate is this Perkins super duty mine spec pressure cleaner.  Which was used for heavy industrial work removing old, hardened sludge from huge storage silos.

3. Heating

Depending on the model, high pressure water cleaners use hot or cold water. Substances that are really hard to move will require heating in addition to the high pressure and flow. We have worked with Queensland Rail, who uses a lubricant called Black Jack that’s highly effective but very difficult to shift. In these sorts of applications, hot water is a must for a thorough cleaning job.

Some products, like this Washmate washbay, use an in-built gas burner to generate hot water.

4. Chemicals

Your final consideration when choosing a pressure washer is its ability to take cleaning chemicals. You may be getting your high pressure water cleaner for an application that won’t require chemicals. But you may want to use it for something that does require them in the future.

If there is any possibility you will use chemicals with your water blaster, ensure the pump has fittings to handle the venturi attachment needed for them.

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