Petrol Pressure CleanerLooking for a reliable petrol pressure cleaner?

If you want a reliable petrol pressure cleaner unlike the Chinese models out there, take a look at our range of petrol pressure cleaners? Our genuine Honda powered pressure cleaners will not only outlast those Chinese fakers by 10 times but are also backed by Honda’s 3 years warranty. We will also personally guarantee that our Rental spec built pressure cleaners will outlast our competitors as well!

Our team are dedicated to helping you improve your performance, productivity and profitability.

Spare parts and servicing can be a killer for low performing pressure cleaners and we are proud to assist you with a comprehensive range of spare parts, top shelf technical support and a service department that cares about the outcomes we produce for you!

Our industry knowledge and expertise is only worth bragging about if we perform to your expectations!

Use one of our petrol pressure cleaner range in the following industries

  • Marine/Port Authorities/Slipways
  • Cleaning Contractors
  • Car Yards
  • Rental and hire Companies

See our full range of petrol pressure cleaners and make an enquiry today to see which one suits your purpose. If you’re looking for an petrol pressure cleaner that will stand the test of time and work for your business, saving you money in the long run through improved performance, you can’t go past a quality machine from ThoroughClean.