The toughest conditions, requires the toughest and most reliable equipment

ThoroughClean and Newcrest Mining in PNG joined forces to equip Newcrest’s refurbished mobile pressure cleaning truck with the finest in high pressure water blasting equipment.

Integrating a 32 HP Perkins diesel engine with 7200 PSI Hawk pump, enclosed in ThoroughClean’s industry leading heavy duty galvanised frame, gave Newcrest the durability and performance that only ThoroughClean can obtain. In keeping with the company’s motto of “Over engineered……On purpose” the Hawk Pump was detuned to 5000 PSI to ensure pump life and performance is maximised for remote operations.

Newcrest also added a low pressure, high flow pump on the rear for general wash-down and flashing with the addition of a spray bar for gravity fed dust suppression.

The final master stroke by Newcrest was to add a platform on top of the tank for cleaning access of the larger equipment on site.

Another great example of ThoroughClean’s commitment to working with our client’s to achieve the best results while working to meet a budget.