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If you are looking for a Mine Spec Pressure Cleaner that measures up, look no further.

Want a Diesel Pressure Cleaner that will last the distance? You’ve come to the right place.


  • Ideal combination of Flow verses Pressure to suit your application – increased efficiencies
  • Machine matched to suit your duty cycle – (Hours per day/ week usage)
  • Built to be maintenance friendly with easy – access to main componentry and high wear items
  • “Whole of life cost” – ThoroughClean machines are an asset, not a consumable = you will replace 2-3 competitor machines in the life of one ThoroughClean machine
  • Robust – The most durable machine on the market today and are happy to be challenged on this fact!
  • Cost reduction over machine life (Expected to be 10 years):
  • Direct –
  • Scheduled maintenance intervals
  • Calculated service fees with no hidden surprises
  • High wear and tear items identified with recommended stock on hand to eliminate productivity loss because of a $10 part.
  • Calculated reduction in ongoing unplanned maintenance costs
  • Indirect –
  • Consistent performance delivers quicker more effective cleaning time.
  • Clean equipment increases fault detection during maintenance.
  • Clean equipment increases maintenance productivity.
  • Increased maintenance productivity and fault detection has direct effect to asset production and business profitability

Mine spec high pressure washer

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