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ThoroughClean High Pressure Cleaners Australia: OverEngineered... on purpose.

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  • Looking for Petrol Powered high pressure cleaners in Australia? We set ourselves apart from the run of the mill generic pressure cleaners. ThoroughClean’s Petrol Powered High Pressure Cleaners Australia are a favourite for a reason. Outlasting the low quality of generic and rip-off brands, the Honda component’s are not only more reliable, but come with a 3 year warranty from Honda. So rest easy knowing that your high pressure cleaner is one of the few in Australia that can actually go the distance.
  • Looking for electrical high pressure cleaners in Australia? If you’re sick of low quality electric pressure cleaners in Australia, rest assured that our high pressure cleaners will outlast hardware store and out of the box machines. ThoroughClean are the only high pressure cleaner manufacturer in Australia with proof of running high pressure cleaners in Australia still running after 14 years! Whether your pressure cleaner is used casually around the business or cops absolute hiding in your wash bay, our team are dedicated to helping you improve your performance, productivity and profitability.
  • Looking for Diesel Powered high pressure cleaners in Australia? Don’t take the risk of buying a tool shop diesel high pressure cleaner in Australia, or one that is not mine site compliant. ThoroughClean’s mine spec high pressure cleaners are some of Australia’s finest, and are guaranteed to meet the standard requirements of most mine sites in Australia. If your site in particular has slightly more requirements than the average such as MDG15 we can help! Our team has studied these standards to ensure your investment can be put straight to use immediately!

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