Improve curb appeal with high pressure washing

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Are you looking to sell your home or a commercial property? You probably know that curb appeal is important for attracting buyers. The best way to increase curb appeal? High Pressure Washing your pavements and driveways.

How to improve curb appeal: High Pressure Washing

Understanding why

Apart from increasing visual satisfaction value, pressure washing your pavers and driveway is important for property maintenance. In the tough weather conditions of Australia, homes and commercial properties develop stains and mould. To add to that, debris from our all too frequent storms can attract pests and other fauna.

The importance of thorough cleaning (excuse the pun)

You should start by moving any objects on top of the paved area. This can include potted plants, furniture, or anything that covers the area you wish to pressure wash. Next, remove whatever debris that has built up in the cracks and corners of the area, including weeds growing between the cracks or tiles. Do be sure to clean the whole area, even parts that are hard to reach.

After clearing the paved area

  • Dampen the cement
  • Use a stiff brush to remove as much f the dirt and dust as possible
  • Start Pressure washing

For the best results, fill the cracks with fresh sand after it all dries.

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