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How do high pressure cleaners work?

Why do high pressure cleaners work? Anyone who’s used a high pressure cleaner before will know they work, and they work well. Why is that the case though? This article explores the physics and components that make your favourite cleaning machine bust dust and rust so well. Why high pressure cleaners get things cleaner: Physics […]

High Pressure Washer Australia: Why buy?

Why buy a High Pressure Washer Australia? These are just some of the numerous benefits a high pressure washer Australia has to offer your business Save time: On almost any job, a high pressure washer will save a significant amount of time over a regular garden hose. This isn’t such a surprise given that a […]

ThoroughClean: High Pressure Cleaners Australia

ThoroughClean is your one-stop shop for high pressure cleaners Australia. Are you in the market for high pressure cleaners Australia? Our pressure cleaners are built for high performance, high productivity, and high profitability. So if your business is in need of a high pressure cleaner we can help. ThoroughClean high pressure cleaners Australia are built […]

High Pressure Washers

What’s Special About ThoroughClean’s High Pressure Washers? Electric High Pressure Washers For those who are sick of the cheap and not-so-cheerful hadware store brands of High Pressure Washers. We at ThoroughClean guarantee our high pressure cleaners will last up to 10 times longer than the out of the box plastic headaches you may have dealt […]

Mine Spec Pressure Cleaners

Why are Mine Spec Pressure Cleaners different? Basically, a mine spec pressure cleaner differs from a domestic or commercial, pressure cleaner in that they are designed and suited to cleaning of equipment on mine sites. Qualitatively that means that they create more pressure, use more substantial engines, and they get the job done right!   […]