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Improve curb appeal with high pressure washing

Are you looking to sell your home or a commercial property? You probably know that curb appeal is important for attracting buyers. The best way to increase curb appeal? High Pressure Washing your pavements and driveways. How to improve curb appeal: High Pressure Washing Understanding why Apart from increasing visual satisfaction value, pressure washing your […]

Cleaning Car Parks: How and Why?

“The best and easiest way to do this is with high pressure cleaning.” As a business owner, you’re likely juggling a fair amount. Though, you probably aren’t staying up at night fretting about your carpark. I mean what would your patrons care anyway? Well this might be a misguided notion actually. A dirty carpark can […]

Refurbishing Wooden Fences with High Pressure Washing

High Pressure Washers Australia Our fences can be a point of pride for many of us. Unfortunately if you live in Brisbane, the whether is quite likely to damage both your fence and pride. Almost anywhere in Australia, wooden fences start collecting grime and the like after a few years. After the protective outer layer […]

Why it’s Important to clean your roof

The importance of high pressure cleaning for Australian roofs If you’re selling a house in Australia, I bet it has a roof. This seems pretty obvious because a roof is one of, if not the most important part of a house. Why else would the saying go “a roof over your head”. In Queensland and […]

How do high pressure cleaners work?

Why do high pressure cleaners work? Anyone who’s used a high pressure cleaner before will know they work, and they work well. Why is that the case though? This article explores the physics and components that make your favourite cleaning machine bust dust and rust so well. Why high pressure cleaners get things cleaner: Physics […]