Turbo nozzles – increasing the cleaning pressure of your water blaster

High Pressure Water Cleaner


If you have the occasional cleaning job that requires a higher pressure than you usually use, or that needs to be completed within a shorter timeframe, attaching a turbo nozzle to the wand on your water blaster is an ideal way to add that extra pressure required.

How it works

A turbo nozzle temporarily replaces the fan nozzle on your water blaster to increase cleaning pressure by about 60%. For example, it would increase this Washmate-10’s pressure from 2,200 psi to around 3520 psi. It does this by concentrating water down into a pencil jet stream, rather than the usual wider spread of a fan jet stream. To make up for the jet stream covering a smaller surface area, the turbo nozzle spins in a circular motion at many thousands of times a minute. That way, the same amount of surface area is cleaned, but at a higher pressure.

Best time to use

The turbo nozzle is great for increasing pressure or cutting down cleaning time, but it requires more maintenance than a regular fan nozzle because of its moving parts. That’s why it’s best to use it for occasional high pressure water cleaning jobs, where extra pressure is needed or you have to complete the job faster than usual.

Ask the high pressure water cleaning experts

At ThoroughClean, our brand promise is “Over engineered – on purpose”, and every piece of equipment we sell, whether water blasters or turbo nozzles, reflects this. Everything we make is designed for exceptional cleaning performance, and is built to last for decades. Our experienced team are here to advise you on all your high pressure water cleaning requirements and challenges, so contact us today on 07 5467 2025 to talk about your high pressure water cleaning needs.