ThoroughClean launches tough new Industrial Series of High Pressure Washers

When it comes to manufacturing, just like any manufacturer, we have a choice:

Do we cut corners with low cost, under rated flimsy components?   …or do we stick to what works — building pressure cleaners with robust materials and components that keep going strong year after year?

With our amazingly tough RENTAL SPEC and MINE SPEC pressure cleaners (destined for great things in amazingly tough work environments across Australia and the South Pacific -even China), our firm decision has always been to build only with high quality components and incorporate a range of failsafe features in our pressure cleaners to ensure you are not let down by your unit in the middle of an important and expensive job with many components and parts over-engineered to ensure reliability and longevity. 

In fact, that is our brand promise: to OVER-ENGINEER our pressure cleaners ON PURPOSE!

Looking at the lower end of the market, we realized there are many companies offering bare basic low end pressure washers that just don’t cut it. This compelled us to launch our new INDUSTRIAL SPEC range of pressure cleaners to not only compete with these on prices – but offer lots better and tougher products for the same or even cheaper prices – still built using some of the very unique features and designs that set our Rental and Mine Spec pressure cleaners apart.

Better in what way you might ask?
Taking our P13I-30C as an example – a 13 HP Honda Petrol driven Pressure Cleaner built to Industrial Spec with the world’s best triplex plunger pump – an Italian-made HAWK – to 3000 PSI, 18 litres per minute, there are at least 8 things which makes it miles better – for the same money – than others:

  • The Frame is a solid steel welded frame made from 32 mm bent round bar with a thick steel engine base plate. This means hardly any vibration – so no long term vibration damage to components. It also means you can strap it down when you load it without bending it out of shape like so many other pressure cleaners!
  • The frame also incorporates a handy gun holster – so no need to lay the gun down on the concrete when you’re done – and a hose rack so you can wrap around the hose when you’re done and wheel it away. And the hose…? A double wire extra thick walled rubber high pressure hose with stainless steel fittings – rated to 4785 PSI.
  • It also incorporates a central lifting eye so you can lift it onto utes/tray backs or trucks with a hoist.
  • Probably the most important feature is this: our high pressure water hoses are not connected straight onto the pump, but screwed onto fittings mounted on the frame. So when you’re using it, you are not pulling on vulnerable pump fittings which crack and break over time – you’re just pulling on the frame. And the same goes for the water in (or supply) hose to the unit.
  • Another important feature is that we always use over-sized industrial quality water filters on the incoming water supply line. This protects the seals and ceramic pistons from waterline debris like rust and calcium deposits and ensures your pump lasts – because the pump is at the heart of your machine. That is why we ensure it is a HAWK – and that we protect it.
  • We use a special K-7 by-pass /unloader valve which does not store any pressure in the hose when the gun’s trigger is released. Other by-pass valves pressurises the hose all the time – even when the unit is shut down – making it unsafe. It is also a soft-acting by-pass valve, so no aggressive kick-back on the gun when you pull the trigger and throwing you off balance! And then most importantly – the by-pass valve (which weighs about a kg) is again mounted directly on the frame – not directly onto the pump where it amplifies vibration and puts stress on the pump and engine shaft!
  • We use the cleaning Industry’s best pumpthe incredible HAWK!
    It is a low speed (1450 RPM) brass head triplex pump with ceramic sleeved pistons which we drive via a special 2:1 gearbox. Half the speed of many pumps out there – half the wear and tear, less heat produced, much longer life!
  • Lastly, to protect our HAWK even further to ensure it can continue to do its job year after year, we fit the pump with a heat sensitive Thermoshield dump valve. So when water temperature internally rises during by-pass, it automatically dumps some of the water in the system taking in fresh cold water in order to protect the seals.

The P13I – the ‘I’ being for industrial series, is only one of our new Industrial range – all with these and more unique features. Please see the individual specification sheets.

So our complete Industrial Range of pressure cleaners (all cold water models) and including the P13I above is:

In Petrol in order of size:

  • The P6I-17C – Our small Petrol Driven Pressure Washer driven by a 5.5 HP Honda petrol engine with 1700 PSI, 14 LPM.
  • The P13I-30C – Petrol Driven Pressure Cleaner driven by a 13HP Honda to 3000 PSI, 18 litres per minute flow
  • The P20I-43C – Petrol Driven Pressure Cleaner driven by a 20HP Honda V-twin engine to 4350 PSI, 18 litres per minute flow – just AWESOME CLEANING POWER!

 In Diesel:

  • The amazing D10I-30C – a 3,000 PSI, 18 LPM Pressure Cleaner driven by a 10 HP Kohler Diesel Engine.

 In Electric:

  • The E3I -17C  –  1740 PSI, 14 LPM Pressure Cleaner driven by 2.2kW electric motor
  • The E15I-43C  –  4350 PSI, 18 LPM Pressure Cleaner driven by 11 kW electric motor – AWESOME CLEANING POWER!

Please see our website for more specific information at