ThoroughClean launches new High Pressure Diesel Fired Hot Water Boiler

Here at ThoroughClean we are constantly improving and expanding our tough range of Pressure Cleaners to offer our customers more choice.

Now we have launched a quite unique stand-alone boiler to compliment our robust range of pressure washers – giving you the choice to use hot water when you need it for degreasing, tough cleaning challenges or disinfecting purposes.

What makes these boilers different and better? Over the years we have stopped manufacturing stand-alone boilers because they were just not reliable enough – and often scaled up in a matter of weeks because internal coil dimensions were just not big enough. Now we have managed to find a great quality Italian-made boiler which has 1/2″ coils! Blocked coils from scaling up is now exponentially reduced and you have a coil & boiler you can rely on. Have a look at the spec sheet on our website!

The boiler is available in two versions:

The 240 Volt version
The power is required to drive the fan motor and diesel fuel pump and ignition electrodes. This unit can we wired straight into the control box of our popular Washmate-4 model used in many wash bays in truck washes, on mine sites, on oil rigs and many other places.

The 12 Volt DC version
This unit is for mounting on a truck or trailer. It has a 12 Volt fan motor and fuel pump, and gets this power from the engine driving the pressure cleaner (petrol or diesel). It requires approximately 20 amps to run it, so ensure your engine has got that extra capacity otherwise the battery will be drawn down and go flat. Engine solenoids may need to be upgraded to deliver extra power.