Skid Mounted Water Blasters – high pressure cleaning for remote locations

When you have a high pressure water cleaning job at a remote site such as a mine, water is not always readily available and you will need to bring it with you.

This brings its own challenges, as once you add a full 1,000 litre tank to a 200 kilo pump, it’s no longer feasible to mount the unit on a regular size trailer. Instead, water blasters used in these situations are skid mounted to allow for easy movement and transportation with heavy equipment.

Transporting a skid mounted water blaster

D10M-36C-SKID Pressure CleanerA skid mounted water blaster is moved with a forklift, then transported to the remote site with a truck or heavy trailer. Additionally, some skid mounted water blasters can be mounted on vehicles with on-board water to save transporting a tank.

This diesel mine spec pressure cleaner is an example of a water blaster designed as a truck mount, trailer mount, or ute tray-back mount for off-site cleaning and degreasing.

When it comes to customising a pressure cleaner for use in remote access areas, the possibilities are endless. In some cases we have built skid mounted water blasters that have been specifically designed for high pressure water cleaning jobs on ships at sea. The water blaster is transported by lifting lugs and a crane lift, or is carried to the ship by helicopter.

Skid mounted water blasters for every type of cleaning job

ThoroughClean makes skid mounted water blasters in numerous specifications, so you can be sure to get what you need for your remote cleaning job. We supply skid mounted water blasters that range from 3,000 to 5,000 psi, with flow rates from 15 to 21 LPM. They come in diesel or petrol, or hot or cold options. And as always, if we don’t already have the water blaster you need, we’ll build one for you!

True to our promise of “Over-engineered, on purpose”, every piece of ThoroughClean pressure cleaning equipment has been painstakingly engineered to create highly effective, robust pressure cleaners that keep running for decades. We also place strong emphasis on low running costs, simple maintenance and long-term serviceability.

Whatever high-pressure water cleaning requirement you have – we can help! Talk to us today on 07 5467 2025.